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Off on another little tangent here…

A friend told me once that the recipe for a great life is to define the things you love then make a career out of it.  I’ve got the first part of that equation sorted, the making a career out of it is still a dream.

The 3 main things that make me happy are… making music/singing, pottering in my workshop with jewellery and appreciating street art.  

  • My latest songs with the Sekforde Project can be listened to here. My bandmate list’s it as Upbeat, funky, dark, electro, dance - which is a better box than I could fit it in.
  • These graffiti pictures were snapped on a trip home to Auckland (New Zealand) many years ago, they were taken in Ponsonby.
  • …it’s a jewellery blog - but not as you know it!
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This blog started as a mid life crisis; quitting my safe, office management job (mid-recession) to figure out jewellery design and make a business out of it. It’s still about that, though the journey it’s taking me on is also filled with music, street art, quirky London inspirations and personal growth – I started from the ground, but I’m working my way up!